How does Selling quickly work?

One way we’ve found to help Sell your house quickly is to get the word out locally, which then spreads. There are somewhere around 7 Billion folks on the planet but it’s a little expensive to reach them all, even with email. So we’ve determined that by contacting your 100 closest neighbors we’ll get the word out that you’re Selling. We’re assuming that all your neighbors like this neighborhood as do their friends and relatives. When we contact the neighbors they’ll contact their friends and relatives that an Opportunity has come up and they could buy in this nice neighborhood!

How we contact, and especially WHEN we contact, your neighbors makes the difference!

As an example, we SOLD a house in Medford, 8 Morgan Lane. Starting out there were 4-6 folks who showed up for the public Open Houses even with  the Notice in the Sunday Boston Globe, Weekly local paper, stand alone signs and balloons. However with the notices to neighbors we had 26 folks show up, 3 offers and a SALE within 30 days!

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Welcome, If you’re not in a hurry to sell? Otherwise and Who we are!

If you’re not in a hurry to sell, we can get someone to Overprice/Disregard Appearance/Not Respond/Discourage (or all of the above) and you’ll stay on the Market for an unusually long time.

The current record holder in Marblehead has a DOM (Days On Market) of 1116 Days. That’s 3 YEARS, 21 DAYS and 14 HOURS. The average DOM is 191.

Salem, the longest current Active Single Family has been on the Market for 526 Days! This is on a street adjacent to where we sold a house for a Seller in ONE DAY for $40,000. over her original price. Average DOM is 101!

Swampscott’s longest comes in at 935 DOM. Average DOM 121!

I’m sure there’s more to these individual listings languishing on the market but what do you tell your neighbors, friends and relatives: We’re just “Testing the Water” to see what’s out there? We like to help someone advertise their services with a Sign out Front? We’re waiting for the Market to Come Back Up? I won’t settle for a penny less than $X!

Selling your house is a Big Decision that weighs heavily on you. When you wake up you may be thinking – “Is today the day?” When you go to sleep at night – “Tomorrow’s another day!!”

On the other hand Let’s get together and Do this! You can contact us directly 24/7 at 781-405-1845 Mike’s cell and we’ll be glad to review your situation and suggest some very effective marketing that will help you get YOUR house SOLD Quickly and for the Right Price!

We are your neighbors (local), we’re Licensed, Professional Brokers and we’re ready Help You! Roberta, Mike and Allison Hurney.

In addition to our PERSONALIZED SERVICE we also offer 11 Special Reports.

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