How does Selling quickly work?

One way we’ve found to help Sell your house quickly is to get the word out locally, which then spreads. There are somewhere around 7 Billion folks on the planet but it’s a little expensive to reach them all, even with email. So we’ve determined that by contacting your 100 closest neighbors we’ll get the word out that you’re Selling. We’re assuming that all your neighbors like this neighborhood as do their friends and relatives. When we contact the neighbors they’ll contact their friends and relatives that an Opportunity has come up and they could buy in this nice neighborhood!

How we contact, and especially WHEN we contact, your neighbors makes the difference!

As an example, we SOLD a house in Medford, 8 Morgan Lane. Starting out there were 4-6 folks who showed up for the public Open Houses even with  the Notice in the Sunday Boston Globe, Weekly local paper, stand alone signs and balloons. However with the notices to neighbors we had 26 folks show up, 3 offers and a SALE within 30 days!

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